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Initial consultation

The initial consultation is used to assess the client’s current circumstances and visa requirements. During the course one-on-one consultation between the client and a licensed immigration adviser, the client is asked about their long-term (visa) goals. Subsequently, the adviser evaluates all relevant information and suggests a way to achieve the desired goal(s).

The fee for the initial consultation is deducted from the price of the visa service, purchased within 30 days from the date of the consultation. In other words, the consultation will be FREE once deducted from the price of our professional fee for the visa service.

Attention – the scope of the consultation does not include the review of application forms, cover letters and other documents required for the visa application.

Up to 1 hour of an individual consultation

FREE if we represent your case

Follow-up consultation summary via email

Price: 100 NZD

Visa category

Visitor visa

from 900 NZD

Student visa

from 1.000 NZD

Work visa

from 1.150 NZD

Residence visa

from 1.800 NZD

Other services

List of immigration services provided by New Zealand Immigration Online Limited.

My story


Grant of New Zealand citizenship


Establishment of New Zealand Immigration Online Limited (NZIO) LIA licence for New Zealand granted


Obtaining a permanent residence visa


Obtaining a residence class visa


 Work visa for New Zealand


Working Holiday in New Zealand


Work and Travel programme in the USA


First trip to New Zealand


Student’s stay in Australia


Jan Hejhal – founder of NZIO

Jan Hejhal (Honza) has been working as a licensed immigration adviser (LIA) for New Zealand since 2020. At the beginning of his career, Honza worked for two immigration consulting firms in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, and subsequently moved to the city of Tauranga in 2021, where he conducts online immigration consulting for clients from all over the world. Honza is currently the only czech-speaking licensed immigration adviser for New Zealand.


In 2020, New Zealand Immigration Online Limited (NZIO) was established to provide immigration advice for New Zealand. NZIO mainly helps individual clients with visitor, student, work and residence visas.


The founder of NZIO went to New Zealand for the first time in 2010 as a tourist and came back in 2015 as a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) holder. Between 2015-2017, he went from WHV to a work visa and subsequently to a residence class visa, obtained through the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC), with the support of his employer. In 2019, Honza obtained permanent residence and in 2022 applied for New Zealand citizenship, which is the highest goal within the immigration process.

Honza gained his previous experience by living abroad primarily in Australia and the United States of America.

Licenced Immigration Adviser for New Zealand

In 2018, Honza met the formal requirements for admission to the “Graduation Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice” (GDNZIA) study program to start the GDNZIA programme in 2019, which he completed in 2020 when he was already working as a licensed immigration adviser in Wellington. After two years of work under mandatory professional supervision, Honza was granted a full licence of an immigration adviser, which entitles the holder to carry out immigration advice independently.



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