Student visa

International Students are welcome in New Zealand. There are well-developed programmes and services designed to ensure the best possible experience for students of all ages. The New Zealand government is focused on international students enrolling in high-quality tertiary education.

Student visas have strict conditions. They usually limit the student to a specific field of study at a given institution and in some cases may include part-time work permits. These conditions must be met.

The applicant must:

  • Hold a formal offer of a place from a State Institution or “Private Training Establishment”
  • Pay full international fees.
  • Have sufficient funds for support, or be sponsored.
  • Hold comprehensive Health Insurance.
  • Satisfy Immigration New Zealand (INZ) that they are a genuine student (not using a student visa application for some other purpose).
  • Be of good health and character.

Price from 1.000 NZD


    These documents will need to be supplied. Delivering them now will speed up the whole process.

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